“Excellent Workshop. Very useful to parents. Need more of these”

Participant of Conscious Parenting Workshop

“Fantastic Workshop. Made me realize how little I know myself”

Participant of Conscious Facilitation Workshop

“Such Workshops should be held every month. Good advice for parents to bring up children.”

Conscious Parenting Workshop, Miranda School

“Excellent Workshop. Learnt benefits of active listening, introspection, non-judgemental, more accepting, how to manage stressful situations. Made me think about my purpose in life, inner-engineering and the correct meaning of spirituality”

Conscious Facilitation Workshop, Dayanand Sagar College

“Fantastic Workshop! Made me realize how little I know myself. Helped me think at a deeper level. Made me understand various levels of consciousness and unlearn my understanding of spirituality”

Conscious Facilitation Workshop, Dayanand Sagar College

“Understood the difference between teaching and facilitating. Got to know a lot how we can use facilitation to bring out the best in children. Also learnt the need to be a learner for life. Gave me tips on how I can be with my son also! Great Workshop!”

Conscious Facilitation Workshop, Dayanand Sagar College

“Session was very interesting and something different. It was amazing to know the science behind the scenes!”

Conscious Leadership Workshop

“Excellent facilitation and content! Not just interesting but a very useful session. Would love to be part of more such sessions and recommend to my friends as well”

Conscious Leadership Workshop

“A leader should know oneself and lead oneself before leading others. A leader should create more leaders. A leader should be always flexible to learn, change, adapt and grow. Beautiful takeaways for me from this session. Thank you!”

Conscious Leadership Workshop

  • Do you know yourself?
  • Do you know your purpose in life?
  • Is marriage for you?
  • Are you ready to be a parent?
  • Job or Business? Confused?
  • Facing a mid-life crisis? Trying to find meaning in what you are doing?
  • Want to manage your emotions better?
  • Want better relationships with employees, peers, seniors, spouse, children, family or friends?


If you are battling with any of the above or similar questions in life and would like to have a trusted partner, coach, mentor or friend to help you get clarity, you are at the right place. Sign up for a 45 minutes complimentary session by clicking on the relevant criteria below with Ms. Archana Krishnamurthy, Founder of Conscious Living Center.

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